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Our staff offers our client’s the highest level of experience with backgrounds managing multi-million dollar projects in many different industries. Our ability to successfully manage your project is proven by our past successes on similar projects.

Mike Corrigan


Corrigan Construction Company was founded in 2007 by Mike Corrigan to serve the requests of our local and surrounding communities as well as meet the growing needs of Corrigan Oil and the many properties it owns.  Mike is the President of Corrigan Construction as well as Corrigan Enterprises and BMH Realty LLC.  Mike manages the family business that was started by his father in 1958 in Brighton, MI.  Mike has grown the Corrigan Enterprise from a single gas station with a tow truck to one of the largest companies in Livingston County.


Brett Severson

Director of Construction

Brett is a seasoned Director with over three decades of comprehensive experience in the construction industry. His career began as a Superintendent, where he amassed more than ten years of valuable field experience. Leveraging this extensive on-site knowledge, Brett transitioned into office-based roles, initially as a Project Manager and subsequently as a Senior Project Manager. Throughout his career, he has significantly impacted the healthcare and government sectors, consistently demonstrating his leadership skills as he ascended the managerial ladder. His first major initiative as Director was to implement new policies and procedures that streamlined internal processes at Corrigan Construction, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Brett’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for cultivating a highly engaged and intensely collaborative team have directly impacted safety, quality, and productivity, increasing value for clients and driving exceptional customer satisfaction. He considers Corrigan Construction a family and fosters a workplace environment that reflects this ethos. His expertise spans construction operations, staff functions, client relations, technology, finance, and risk management. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and an associate degree in Architectural Technology from Ferris State University, Brett has demonstrated exceptional operational and financial acumen, consistently prioritizing safety, integrity, and excellence. Under his leadership, Brett has not only grown the company’s operations but also cultivated enduring client relationships and steered company-wide strategic priorities and business ethics. Additionally, he is committed to community involvement, coaching his sons’ hockey teams, and enjoying a fulfilling family life with his wife, Sara, and their two boys, Kaden and Koen.

Viken Bassmagian

Assistant Director of Construction/ Sr. Project Manager

With over 16 years of industry experience complemented by a technical background in Civil Engineering, Viken stands out for his exceptional leadership and mentorship in the construction industry. His ability to integrate conventional systems with innovative strategies and solutions ensures the successful delivery of complex projects, demonstrating his attention to detail and commitment to adding value. Viken’s comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of construction operations, ranging from management and quality control to business development, marketing, and accounting, equips him with a holistic perspective that enhances his strategic leadership capabilities.

A firm advocate of a service-oriented approach, Viken actively promotes this philosophy within his team, fostering strong client relationships and a collaborative work environment focused on project success. His commitment to creating flexible processes and maintaining the highest standards of project execution not only provides for the success of all stakeholders but also establishes him as an essential resource for up-and-coming professionals in the industry, reinforcing his status as both a mentor and a leader.

Ryan Byrd

Sr. Project Manager

Ryan has a diverse background in leading design and programming functions, as well as managing site operations. He specializes in delivering cost-effective solutions throughout the entire project life-cycle to maximize client value. To ensure project success, Ryan enforces a rigorous quality control policy with all subcontractors, focusing particularly on the high-risk segments of the project. Ryan enjoys golfing, the outdoors, and engaging in his daughter’s sporting activities.

Wayne King

Sr. Project Manager

Wayne is an accomplished construction professional whose career began in the field as a Journeyman Carpenter, progressing through roles as a Site Superintendent to his current position as a Senior Project Manager. He has extensive expertise in various sectors, with a focus on high-end retail, restaurant, medical build-outs, and commercial construction, where safety, quality, and scheduling are paramount. Known for his exceptional organizational skills and commitment to excellence, Wayne sets a high benchmark in workmanship, inspiring his team to embrace and replicate these rigorous standards.


Lance Vogelsong

General Superintendent & Project Manager



Charlie Percy

Project Manager

Charlie’s background in mechanical engineering and experience as a previous small business owner uniquely position him to offer invaluable project management support for your upcoming ventures. His expertise lies particularly in petroleum industrial construction, ensuring that his insights will effectively steer your project towards success in a methodical manner.


Sara Langohr

Project Coordinator


Bringing a wealth of expertise in new construction and finance, Sara has become an indispensable part of Corrigan Construction. Collaborating closely with upper management and field staff, she plays a pivotal role in various projects across Corrigan’s properties, spanning from routine service calls to extensive remodels—too numerous to itemize. Beyond her Corrigan commitments, Sara, who is married and a mother of four, adeptly juggles her familial responsibilities while finding solace and joy in gardening during her leisure time.


Sarah Tater Hamilton

Project Coordinator

A proficient and detail-oriented project coordinator, showcases her profound expertise in the realm of construction. Leveraging her industry background, she offers invaluable insights to bolster the team’s efforts. Sarah’s contributions span across bidding, scheduling, CAD work, marketing, and fulfilling clients’ needs promptly. Renowned for her adeptness in meeting deadlines, she fosters seamless collaboration both within and outside the organization to ensure client satisfaction. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Eastern Michigan University, she also indulges in exploring culinary adventures through her worldly travels alongside her husband.


Jessica Roy

Project Coordinator

Jessica functions as a meticulously organized project coordinator, offering invaluable support to the Corrigan Construction team. Her responsibilities encompass crucial aspects like construction safety, tracking, scheduling, bidding, and project development. Renowned for her outstanding communication abilities, she maintains prompt responses within the team and to external queries, consistently exceeding expectations. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jessica, a devoted mother of two, finds joy in football Sundays and outdoor activities. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health & Human Services from Davenport University.


Hiede Thompson

Construction Accounting Specialist


For the past twenty-five years, Hiede has been immersed in the construction industry, specializing in the intricate realm of construction accounting and billing. With a background in fueling inspections and experience both as an employee and as a former business owner, she brings a wealth of proficiency to her role. Closely interfacing with upper management and meticulously tracking accounts payables, accounts receivables, cash flow, and other financial metrics on a daily basis, she serves as a vital conduit within the organization. Married and a mother of two, Hiede finds joy in gardening and appreciates culinary adventures.


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